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Known as the queen of dates, it is characterized by its oval shape and brown color with yellowish flakes. Fine texture and low fribreuse. Due to its sweet taste, juicy and its transparency, Deglet Nour dates are the most popular. They are found in all the palm groves south-eastern Algeria, particularly in the area of ​​tolga. The Deglet Nour is particularly rich in energy intake (295 kcal per 100 grams). Fresh, it consists of 70% water, sugar and vitamin C. It also contains minerals.

The Steam Processed dates are the most important product in our facilities, it goes through a thorough process to deliver higher quality. It is naturally shiny, no glucose or any kind of additives are added, it is only rehydrated by water and 100 natural. We offer customers requirements by adjusting dates’ softness using different moister levels.

Pitted dates are essentially just dates that have had their pits (or seeds) removed for better texture and easier snacking. Whether steam processed or natural, Pitted dates are produced to be eaten directly as a retail product, also packed for industrial use as a raw material for other products such as confectionaries.

Common date is a designate dates that are not deglet nour. According to algerian dates, this group includes several varieties such as Tamdjhourt, Tafezouine, and Tinicine. In Germany, traders are interested in the low price of common dates. In The United Kingdom, the population of Asian origin is thought to have a big influence on the consumption of common dates. These dates are also used by the foodstuff industry in the UK.

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