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Our Brands

We work with taste!

Our company is a family business created in 1990.

Dates the oldest cultivated fruits in the world and were long reserved for royal hosts, also well known to be a staple source of nutrition for their higt carbohydrate & potassium contents. Just as Nature has provided these moist, delectable, nutrition packed fruits, it has also provided the perfect place to nurture them far below sea level in the hot, dry climate of Tolga plantations, in the south east of algeria where HADDOUD SALIM enterprise were founded.
Ets HADDOUD SALIM is the biggest branded enterprise in Algeria that exports Algerian dates to the worldwide. Our enterprise insists on some of the highest product standards in the industry. With cooperative help and guidance, we combine an ancient love and care of these precious fruits with the latest in agro-technical date-growing techniques to provide every consumer in the world a taste that is hard to define, impossible to forget, staight from the desert to the table.
Everything started long ago...

Why work with us

You will be buying your dates directly from us, the source, avoiding any intermediaries. We have a long history with exporting to Africa, Europe, the Americas, and Asia for more than 20 years. We place our packing facility at your disposal to help you market and sell your own and unique brand of dates. You can have access to our facility and palm groves at anytime, so you can see by yourself how rigorous our standards are in terms of processing and working environment.