Pitted Deglet Nour Products

We provide Deglet Nour dates without seeds whether processed or natural.
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Pitted Dates or Dates without seeds became very famous lately for its many uses.Whether steam processed or natural, Pitted dates are produced to be eaten directly as a retail product, also packed for industrial use as a raw material for other products such as confectionaries.

Shelf life: 12 months. Storage conditions: Temperature 0º C to 4º C and 70% RH

Shelf Life of 24 months if packed in vacuum bags

Nutrition Facts

Typical values
per 100 g
1178 kJ / 282 kcal
0,3 g
of wich saturates:
0,1 g
75 g
of which sugars:
63 g
8 g

2,45 g
0 g

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