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Common dates are dates that are not deglet nour. This group includes several varieties such as Tamejhurt, Tafezouine and Tinicine. The United Kingdom and Germany together import approximately 10 000 tonnes of common dates annually.

Shelf life: 12 months. Storage conditions: Temperature 0º C to 4º C and 70% RH



Date Brune known for its cylindrical shape and long, weighs an average of 10.6 g. The epicarp is smooth, shiny, comes off easily.The mesocarp is somewhat fleshy, soft consistency and with a fibrous texture.

Are unique taste to it being very popular in Scandinavian countries to which they are exported.

Tafezouine dates are mainly cultivated in the regions of Tougourte, Ouargla and Ghardaia. Most of the palm trees are located in the southeast of the country between Biskra and Ghardaia.

Packaging: 1Kg box, 5Kg box, 250g and 500g foam trays.


Small black dates recognized by its sub-cylindrical shape, slightly elongated, small size and weighing an average of 5 g. The epicarp is smooth, shiny, folds in the last stage.

The mesocarp is somewhat fleshy, white, soft consistency and with a fibrous texture.

The core is of cylindrical shape with a smooth surface and little wrinkled. Its ventral groove is deep, U-shaped, sometimes extending to the micropyle which is in the center position.

This is a date which tastes good, they are found mainly in the region of Tougourte.

Packaging: 1Kg, 5Kg box.


This is a date for its attractive bright colors, red stage "bser", amber and translucent stage "rotab". At full maturity, it turns black while retaining its shine.

Its shape is sub-cylindrical, with an average weight of 12 g and average size.

The epicarp is smooth, very shiny, adherent and wrinkles under the effect of softening. The mesocarp is fleshy, honey-colored, soft consistency and with a fibrous texture.

The Timdjouhart date has a characteristic aroma. These dates can be found in the regions of Oued-Righ, Ouargla and Menia.

Packaging: 1Kg box, 5Kg box.

Nutrition Facts

Typical values
per 100 g
1178 kJ / 282 kcal
0,3 g
of wich saturates:
0,1 g
75 g
of which sugars:
63 g
8 g

2,45 g
0 g

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